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Death and History


DEATH and HISTORY by István Király V., Lambert Academic Publishing, 
Saarbrucken, 2015, 180 p. ISBN: 978-3-659-80237-9

The analyses in the book investigate the possibilities and foundations of a completely new philosophy of history, although outlined in dialogue with M. Heidegger. The fundamental questions the author asks are: Why, wherefrom is there history? Why are we humans historical? Why is there historiography? Primarily and ultimately, the response to each of these questions is: because we are MORTAL.

Accordingly, the first chapter tackles the possibilities and lays the foundations of an ontology of history. Built upon these, the second chapter analyses the being of the PAST and its existential characteristics – as NOT-BEING-ANY-MORE, as HAD-BEEN-NESS. Chapter three turns towards the FUTURE and analyses its existential characteristics as NOT-YET-BEING. Chapter four is an explicit return to the dialogue with Heidegger, which surfaces the main aspects of the essential belonging together of the fundaments and origins of philosophy and history. The Appendix is an applied philosophical research related to the previous subjects which examines the interlacements of DEATH and SECRET in the phenomenon of TERRORISM.

The book is illustrated by the romanian artist: Teodora COSMAN.

We reproduce here the analytic CONTENTS:

Human Finitude and History - Prolegomena to the Possibility of a “Philosophy of History” and Ontology of History

- Heidegger’s phenomenological interpretations of Aristotle
- Leviathan and the “human things”
- Being and Time – death and history

Excursus: The Human life on Earth

- History – Freedom – Death

“HAD-BEEN-NESS” AND PAST ­­­– History and memory.
An Essay in applied philosophical dialogue with Martin Heidegger

Excursus nr.1: “The Nothing"

Excursus nr.2: On the "NEVER"
- A.) The temporality of the “phenomenon of guilt” in Heidegger’s work
- B.) The analysis of the “NEVER”

The Future, Or, Questioningly Dwells the Mortal Man…
Question-Points to Time

- The future and its coming

HISTORIALITY – MORTALITY – FACTICITY. The  Foundation  of  Philosophy and Atheism  in  Heidegger's  Early  Works - Prolegomena to  an  Existential-Ontological Perspective

Life – Death – Secret – Terrorism

Illustrations: Teodora COSMAN, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Faculté de Philosophie et Lettres, Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles

About the author:
Dr. István Király V. is Professor Associate at the Hungarian Department of Philosophy of the Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania. Between 1995 and June 2015 he was Chief editor of the journal Philobiblon - Transylvanian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research in Humanities. His main fields of philosophical interest are the subjects of the Secret and the Death. (For details see: ResearcherID:B-6100-2012;  ; )

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